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All Guilds Meeting - August 2013

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Another All Guilds Meeting has ended, and despite some technical difficulties with Doobes and Lyrositor needing to take over moderating duties at the last minute, the event went as smoothly as it could.  We have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs for you, as well as a summary of what took place:

The Open Cave

Mystler took the stage to announce that TOC is celebrating their anniversary by having another Gahreesen Wall Tournament!  It will be held on TOC shard on Friday, August 23rd at 13:00 KI time (7PM UTC).  Everyone will meet in the Contest Hood a half-hour beforehand and link to Gahreesen from there.  For instructions on installing The Open Cave shard, refer to their site.

Guild of Statues

The GoS announced that they will be hosting a "Day of Statues" party in the near future, an event where you can transform yourself into a statue.  Date and time TBD, so check here for updates.


Christian Walther and rarified were next for OU.org.  They explained that the lack of updates for their Minkata shard is due to the fact that Cyan had implemented some of their own changes this last update that were slightly different from the ones that were sent in, so they needed to be examined and integrated before starting to add new ones.  They are still working on syncing files and methods with Cyan so as to make future updates much easier for both and spare the CAVCON funds.  The Minkata client will also be updated very soon, so keep an eye on their site and ours for more news.


I.H.P.X. took time to update everyone on D'nipalooza.  The party was delayed last week due to the server outage, so it has been resceduled for Sunday, August 4th.  It will start at 09:00 KI time.  See our previous news post for more details.

Guild of Messengers

Lyrositor and Musica presented for the GoMe this time around.  Ly announced to the crowd that the latest episode of URU2U had been released.  Musica talked a bit about an article she is working on detailing the recent interviews of Jack Wall, Tim Larkin and Robyn Miller by the D'ni Musicological Research hood.  That should be released on The Cavern Post very soon.

CAVCON is sitting at 4.7 as of July 22nd.  While that's a good number, the reserve fund is still dangerously low and could use a bit more to keep it sustained for longer.  Be sure to donate whenever possible!

Until September!

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